“ Culture and Language"

Learning a foreign language along with its culture is by far one of the most useful things we can do to broaden the cultural outlook of our children. The latter was the ultimate goal of Mr. Rob Dean, an international ELT consultant, who visited SSCC, Tripoli school in order to deliver ELT training and consultancy services. Mr. Rob attended the English sessions where he began with an overview of his national identity while highlighting some of his cultural background. Then, he ensured to engage the students in multiple discussions about the Lebanese heritage as well as their customs and traditions.

This visit was followed by a workshop titled “ Culture and Language-There’s More to it than Red Buses and Five O’clock tea!” with an objective to train teachers about the inclusion of culture in the classroom. The interactive seminar included various cultural activities and interchangeable games where various English teachers presented their views and understanding on the assigned topic.

Josiane BouDaher

English teacher